Access Control and Keyless Entry Systems

Access Control and Keyless Entry

Today more and more companies and high-end residential dwellings are switching from traditional lock and key entry components to keyless entry systems to protect their employees, visitors and family members. Controlling who has access to your building, inner workspace and common areas is an important security component that should not be overlooked. With all of the security breaches now being attempted it is no wonder that many commercial businesses, residential homes, churches, schools, and public buildings such as libraries etc. are all being equipped with some type of security measure to prohibit wrongful entry. Access control means having the means to control access of everyone seeking to gain entry without having to issue traditional keys to employees, vendors, contractors, clients family members and children which unfortunately relinquishes your ability to manage access during day and nighttime hours. Additionally, having an electronic security application added to entry points in your security structure is a cost-effective and verifiable way of identifying all who enter and provides restricted entry for those without permission. For high-end residential properties, access control systems mean that your entry points are always locked and secured, never left un-opened or accessible without your expressed permission, swipe card possession or keypad code knowledge. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader providing access control and keyless entry devices and systems for businesses and residential customers who want state-of-the-art security access at affordable costs.

Expandable Benefits of Access Control System

When one thinks of an access control or keyless entry device, card, keypad, biometric and REX devices, the most common usage is exterior door or internal area entry security. Actually, there are additional benefits to electronic access control over and above traditional opening and closing functions. Because these systems offer an integrated feature, these scale able systems provide access control across many types of entry functions. Access control systems can be integrated with CCTV, employee attendance and time card registration, are expandable with software options, requiring in some system cases, no on-site server and web accessible management. ESI specializes in providing systems as small as one – two door solutions for small businesses or residential applications, which we call single-site solutions that are very inexpensive to design and install.  For larger applications including Enterprise Level Solutions, ESI is the leader in designing, repairing and installing unlimited number of readers, sites and applications, including multi-facility integrated systems with 1000’s of access points within its structure. Cloud based technology offerings and accessibility, 24/7 from any wireless device, anywhere in the world.

Access Control Security Systems From ESI

If you are a business person, high-end residential home builder or homeowner, uncontrolled access to your dwelling or place of business can be a thing of the past. Intrusions, burglaries and robberies are usually a feature of uncontrolled access and that protection starts with entry level threshold protection. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been providing access control security systems for almost 40 years for commercial and residential applications in the North, North Central and Central Florida marketplaces. ESI eliminates an open-door policy with unregulated entry and unlimited access to your valuables, family members, employees and customers alike.  ESI creates a first-line-of- defense security strategy, on a modern day, easy to use application platform, second to none. ESI is a full-service security company that believes being ahead of the security breach curve is paramount to your security structure. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975. Let one of our highly-trained and specialized technicians help you repair, replace, design or install an efficient access control system. Visit our website for a full line of products and offerings at