Access Control Systems For Your Business

Access Control Systems in Jacksonville FL

Many businesses today, small and large are starting to consider using an electronic card access device as part of providing security for their employees and facilities. These security systems can provide, key-less entry security that has many features and all this at a very reasonable cost. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t do enough research to find the right security provider who has the knowledge and experience to recommend the proper system for their individual needs. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in the commercial security alarm business in Jacksonville. We have been at the forefront of security technology for almost 40 years.

Access Control Systems What Are They?

An Access Control systems is an electronic device that allows access to a building, floor, room or any door opening where the actual, physical key is replaced by an electronic card. This device can be as simple as a stand-alone electronic fixture attached to a particular door or as advanced as a fixed keypad that is integrated into a complete security system. Installing an access control device gives you complete freedom of choice as to who has access to all or part of a business facility. Restriction and monitoring access is the chief function but utilizing this type of advanced electronic security measure doesn’t stop there.

Does a Business need an Access Control System?

The most important security function available to any size business, small or large, is the protection of its assets and the people employed to make the business run efficiently. Burglary, robbery, theft and any intrusion can not only disrupt a business’s day to day activities, but can significantly impact a business’s bottom line. Today, all businesses take precautionary steps to protect themselves by putting locks on doors and windows, and giving key employees access to their facilities. The question for most business owners is, is that really enough protection and does the potential loss exceed the cost of adding additional security measures like an access control device. The answer is resoundingly, yes. Not only does a key-less entry device provide electronic protection but also informs the would-be intruder that they are likely to encounter other electronic security measures employed to detect and thwart any attempt to gain access to the facility.

ESI’s Advice: If you are considering purchasing an access control device call an expert who can evaluate your needs, explore your options and offer you sound security advice.

What Businesses Benefit the Most!

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then you are a prime candidate for installing an electronic access control device in your facility or place of business.

  1. Do many employees have keys to your place of business?
  2. Have you change the locks after previous key holders have left the business?
  3. Is a lost or stolen key an immediate security breach?
  4. Is there a need for different employees to have unique access within your facility?
  5. Is there a need to restrict access based on time of day?
  6. Do you have a need to identify users who access your business?
  7. Is it important to record employees entering and leaving the building?
  8. Would employing an access control device make the facility safer?
  9. Is it important for your doors to remain locked at all times?
  10. Most Importantly. Has your security been breached at the door?

ESI’s Advice: Any security measure that can add an additional layer of security protection to your building, asset’s and employees, is well worth the investment.

Why ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.?

ESI has been installing access control systems for every kind of business imaginable, from simple back doors solutions to complex facilities management, utilizing gate operating devices. We have a diverse variety of types, sizes and shapes and offer custom solutions for just about any application. We have even installed access controls on residential homes, where door entry was desired without using keys. ESI is a commercial and residential security specialist serving the security needs in north and north central Florida for almost 40 years.  Call us today and find out how we can help secure your business or home. ESI offers a wide range of security protection including alarms, video surveillance systems, access control, fire alarms, sprinkler systems and much, much more. Or visit us on the web at