Construction Site Protection

Florida is one of the fastest growing states in America, not just in population growth but also in terms of construction projects for new businesses and capital improvements being made to many existing ones. Besides our warm sunny climate and government friendly regulations, steady population growth and available, highly educated workers have fueled an already vibrant economy. Many businesses around the country are looking at Florida as a new center for business growth in an already business friendly environment. Jacksonville is no exception to these growth numbers and we are experiencing a resurgence of logistic jobs and business construction is a big part of the development taking place in our city. Commercial sites also include single and multi-family housing projects, apartment complexes and condo which are being developed at lightning speed.  But with construction on the rise so too are the crimes associated with building project sites and companies are looking for improved ways of protecting their assets and work sites. Many construction companies and commercial developers assume tremendous risk at virtually every job site for theft of materials, vandalism and increased liability. These companies turn to security experts to solve an age-old problem; how do I cost effectively protect my work sites and can these measures be redundant over the course of multiple projects. It’s easy to see why so many commercial businesses and construction companies turn to ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a commercial and high-end residential security company serving Jacksonville for almost 40 years.

Advanced, Commercial Grade Camera Installation

When you think of securing properties, the first security line of defense is usually a commercial grade surveillance camera installation. Many job sites are unmanned during most of the hours of the night, and left unguarded face numerous perils. Site owners, project managers and construction workers rely on equipment and materials being available and protected. Monitored surveillance is the most effective measure in protecting what matters most to these companies. Construction site video surveillance also protects against:

  1. Theft of Property: Most Construction sites typically contain many products that can’t simply be put away and protected at the end of the day, such as lumber, steel, PVC and copper pipes and tubing, generators and power tools and other valuable materials and commercial equipment. These items at construction site are very attractive targets for thieves and intruders. Also, sometimes the theft of construction materials happens because of disgruntle employees or even worse, competitors wanting to interrupt a competitive construction site. Video surveillance systems can deter crimes against your construction site and when a crime happens record and preserve evidence.
  2. Vandalism: Vandalism to your project site can be just as damaging to the day to day operating as theft. In some cases, damage to heavy equipment or structure can be costlier than theft of materials. Whole site projects have been derailed, or progress slowed due to vandalism. A security camera, monitored CCTV or newly advanced products like Videofied can alter the course of thieves and vandals in their pursuit to steal materials or disrupt a construction project. 24/7 protection is a warranted solution to solving these problems and keeping your project on course and time.
  3. Work Site Safety: Large scale construction companies and developers number one risk is work place safety and construction site monitoring by surveillance cameras can be used to ensure your workers are adhering to the strict regulations regarding safety guidelines. Most construction project have safety coordinators and security cameras can provide valuable monitoring to discover gaps in your safety shield.
  4. Liability Concerns: The risk of injury or even death is of major concern at construction sites and can affect not only workers but vendors and site partners as well. Surveillance cameras operating during the work process can identify everything from unfounded workers comp claims to legitimate documentation of work site mishaps and injuries.
  5. Increased Job Performance and Efficiencies: One of the most time-consuming efforts made at construction sites is the examination of work efficiencies and detection of poor job performance being conducted on construction sites. From project managers to construction supervisors, video surveillance can enable a live review of task performance and provide a simple and useful tool in training.
  6. Remote Access: Video surveillance can also provide remote access to a construction site via smart phone, tablet or web- based computer. This remote access can allow for numerous construction site monitoring and evaluations to take place simultaneously from anywhere at any time.

Advanced Video Technology-Videofied

As a construction site company or project manager how would you like to have complete control of your construction site surveillance. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. makes the task of surveillance accessible and fool-proof. Our 24/7 monitoring station is equipped with the most modern technology and staffed with highly trained surveillance monitoring technicians. We design, install, service and repair commercial grade video surveillance equipment, and can provide 24/7 monitoring at your request. But that is only the start of the security apparatus we can offer.  Many construction sites are only in need in monitoring during unmanned, non-operational hours. For video surveillance to be effective someone has to monitor the cameras to ensure that your site is protected. One of the most cost-effective video surveillance apparatuses available today is a product called Videofied. Videofied is not an expense driven product that needs active monitoring. Let us explain. Motion detectors, are an active security product that only sounds an alert or transmits a warning when the actually signal is interrupted. Videofied, is a surveillance camera housed inside a motion detector. When the motion detector is triggered the camera housed inside starts recording and sends a real time video of the area where the alarm is triggered. Then and only then does a technician receive an alarm and monitors the activity taking place. If emergency or police response is warranted than they are dispatched to a verifiable alarm. The Videofied product is also a redundant security product, meaning it can be easily moved from one place to another within a construction site or as a job is finished moved to a completely different job site, easily and very cost effectively. Wireless surveillance systems work very well in almost every security application especially in construction and temporary job sites. These video systems are more effective than hardwired systems, vandal-proof and provide HD resolution and night vision. ESI is a leader in the commercial security business and has installed countless Videofied security systems for all types of security applications including, property protection, remote locations, construction sites, perimeter surveillance, industrial complex security, and much, much more. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 and have one of our security experts answer any questions you might have and schedule a free, no-obligation security consultation. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our products, services and credentials.