Get The Right Security System For Your High-End Home

Residential Security System Company

Jacksonville and our surrounding communities have their fair share of high-end homes, due largely to the amount of waterfront properties and gated communities that flourish in our area. Many of these homeowners unfortunately have low-end security systems or are under contract to residential security companies selling cheap, security measures and monitoring. If you have recently bought a home worth over $500,000 and have inherited one of these types of security company’s services, chances are you are in need of a no-cost, high-end security analysis to match your investment. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial and high-end residential cctv security specialist, providing valuable assets protection, using only state-of-the-art security systems. There is a great deal of difference between the out-of-the-box security system you can buy from leading home goods stores and commercial grade, residentially installed security systems, in their design, manufacturing and capabilities.

High-End homes, in most cases offer different sets of security problems that less expensive, smaller homes don’t possess. Larger dwellings usually have expensive built-ins like, media rooms with expensive electronic devices, stainless steel kitchens with many high-end appliances, multi-car garages, multiple doors and windows, screened porches and master bedrooms separated by space and location to the rest of the home. These elements present unique security problems that only a commercial grade security system can protect. Gate and gate operating devices and even keyless card access systems are unique options, and when combined with, wireless, cellular controlled applications, offer tremendous protection guarding you, your home and family. Big expensive homes represent a degree of wealth and are very attractive to burglars and intruders. Gated communities offer very limited protection and many break-in are perpetrated by people who gain free access to the communities.

ESI’s Advice: If you are considering installing a home security system do a “google search” for a commercial security company who specializes in commercial as well are residential security systems.

Are CCTV and Motion Detectors Expensive?

The simple answer is no, not when you compare it to the replacement value of items stolen or the advanced layer of protection these add-on devices provide. Again, don’t be fooled by cheap imitation out-of-the-box closed circuit TV monitors. Clarity and function are the most important elements when considering adding a CCTV camera. Low resolution products don’t accurately capture an image and provide limited assistance to law enforcement if a crime has been committed. Motion detectors that are not commercial grade often time trigger false alarms and reading and only provide limited range and scope of their protection. ESI handles a fabulous new product called Videofied. A motion detector and video feed in one product. Many times, law enforcement will not react to an alarm immediately due to the high volume of false alarms occurring. Videofied is an actual verified alarm product in that it can detect an intruder or break-in as it occurs giving law enforcement a verified crime taking place. Many actual arrests have taken place because of 2 main reasons when Videofied products are involved. One, that the perpetrators don’t know they have activated an alarm and Two, that they don’t know they are actually being video recorded. Again, these types of advanced security products are only available through an authorized dealer licensed and trained to install these systems.

ESI’s Advice: Shorten your steps when considering a new security system by dealing with only the best, commercial and residential security companies, selling the best equipment at affordable prices.

Why ESI?

ESI is a commercial security company like no other, serving the security protection needs of homes and businesses in North and North Central Florida for almost 40 years. We specialize in every type of commercial and residential security application, from fire alarm and sprinkler systems for commercial businesses to protecting some of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beaches, Orlando, Gainesville, St Augustine, Daytona Beach, Fernandina, Ponte Vedra and surrounding community’s finest homes and gated residences with wireless state-of-the-art security protection and monitoring. Let ESI show you our security packages for home, office, business complex, industrial and warehousing sites.  ESI is licensed and sells only approved UL security equipment made in the USA.

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