Protection of What Matters the Most: Your Family

Jacksonville Security Systems

Criminals know how to target a business or home because much of what we guard has visible value.  There is no getting away from creating asset rich targets, because in our society, our homes and businesses need to look and feel like they are prosperous. Unfortunately, this outward display of success becomes the hard targets criminals like to concentrate on. No one knows this better than people living in upscale city neighborhoods. Criminals want to rob what they call high-value targets. If they are going to risk getting caught and going to jail, better to take the risks where they have significant rewards. Knowing that, our first line of security defense should be having a commercial grade security system installed by an experienced Jacksonville security systems company.

ESI’s Advice: Review your security alarm company’s website and resume’. Not all security companies are alike and many alarm companies are only interested in monthly monitoring fees, not installing state-of-the-art security systems.

Locks and Doors

Having strong locks and doors to keep intruders out is a first line security defense, but anyone with a little skill can effectively open just about any door. Picking a lock is one of the first things competent burglars learn. It’s like being able to open a car door and wiring the ignition. Kid’s stuff for most burglars. Besides, tools made to open lock doors are readily available for sale on the internet and anyone with a devious mind can obtain them quite easily.

ESI’s Advice: Add a security device that’s wireless and can’t be picked by the common burglar.

Safes and Special Hiding Places

Many home owners are turning to safes because of their weight and complexities to open. But given enough time even the best safes can be broken into by a professional. And if you got the safe into a home or office chances are a criminal will employ a dolly and take it out the same way you got it in. Depending on what the criminal believes will be his reward is sometimes determined by the measures taken to protect the safe from being removed. If thieves can easily get in and the safe is not bolted down to a metal platform than removing it is fairly simple. If on the other hand the safe is welded to a metal structure, the owner has gone to great lengths to protect something of great value. In other words, the more valuable the items, the greater lengths someone should go to, too protect it. Even bolted-down or welded down safes can be removed with the proper equipment and enough time.

ESI’s Advice: Have a professional locksmith install your safe and also consider adding a secondary layer of security protection around the safe if the valuables are worth the additional protection.

What Matters Most is Defeating the Criminals

At ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. we believe your first line of defense is an alarm system utilizing the latest most advance security techniques available. Our security alarms incorporate a multi-tiered defense network based on your individual needs. Motion detectors, CCTV, wireless alarm systems, monitored 24 hours a day is just the start of our offerings. We specialize in every type of secured property, from fine residential homes to providing gate and access controls for commercial and industrial properties. ESI has been providing burglar and fire alarm protection for over 35 years in North and North Central Florida. Visit us on the web at or call us and have one of our highly trained professionals show you how to secure your valuables, properties and employees at very affordable rate.