Security Systems and Homeowners Insurance

Security You Need to Take Seriously

The chance that you will face a burglary in your lifetime, either at home or office are increasing every day. Millions of American homeowners still haven’t made the decision to employ a home security system, and time is running out. Most of us take our security for granted, not really concerned that the locks we employ might not be enough to keep the bad guys out and keep our valuables and loved one in, safely. But what kind of security system do most of us need and what will it cost. Most security companies are only interested in the month to month monitoring fees and are not really concerned with installing high tech security shields that thwart would-be burglars to begin with. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. understands that investing in a commercial grade security system is the beginning defense every business and high-end residential customer should employ. It all starts with the right system, one that is expandable to include additional security measures if the needs arise and a system that has a penetration rating far exceeding lessor grade security measures.

Do Security Systems Really Lower Insurance Costs?

Every homeowners insurance policy is different and some policies have reduced premiums based on security systems employed. One thing is consistent among all homeowners insurance policies, and that is the rate or number of claims filed has an immediate effect on the raising of premiums. Security systems that prevent break-ins and claims filed, to recover costs have a drastic effect on costs. So, the better question is does a security system reduce claims because they inhibit burglars from stealing items covered by insurance policies. The answer of course is Yes. Additionally, if a burglary is committed and the police can recover items stolen because a security shield has been able to identify the perpetrators, claims to recover the insured value of property never needs to be filed. ESI specializes in state-of-the-art security systems that have real time, verifiable evidence that a crime is underway dispatching police to the scene. Our award winning local monitoring center is equipped with highly trained personnel and offers 24-hour protection, 7 days a week. We never sleep because crime never does. Municipalities all over the country are responding to a verified crime in progress, before an alarm activation because almost 75% of all alarm are false. ESI is a leader in protecting what matters most to you, your family and employees. Safety and security, you can trust with security products manufactured by the world’s best companies made right here in the United States.

Why ESI, Emergency Systems Inc.?

In 1979, when owner/operator Harvey Hudgins started ESI he had one thing in mind. Build a security company that was capable of providing security shield technology, offered at affordable prices to commercial customers and high-end residential consumers. Mr. Hudgins also wanted a complete security platform, including a local monitoring station, advanced technical advisors and security engineers and designers capable of servicing any required application. From government installations and industrial complexes to commercial and warehouse space, ESI employs 45 highly trained specialists to support all of its ongoing security offerings. All security products are manufactured to UL specifications and ESI provides complete security system installation, repair and service for fire alarm, burglar, sprinkler, access control, gate operating devices, CCTV, surveillance equipment, SureCall Cellular Boasting, Videofied Motion Detection Systems and much, much more.  Why choose ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. because for almost 40 years, they have been at the forefront of security technology providing the newest, most innovative security products being brought on-line. Call ESI today at 904-388-3975 and ask one of our security specialists to identify your security needs and design a security system that is right for you.

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