The Importance of a Complete Security Structure

If you are like most commercial business owners, taking certain precautionary steps through the use of a security platform ensures your assets are protected and helps to minimize security risks to your business. Most business owners employ some, and in certain cases all of the necessary security measures available, to limit their security intrusion and breach exposure. This can be accomplished through a variety of security products but in most cases, it all starts with a sound burglary security system protecting your employees, customers and suppliers during and after working hours. With the age of modern technology comes advanced intrusion techniques being perpetrated against businesses from a variety of sources. Employees, suppliers, customers and thieves all can have an impact on your businesses bottom line and without the benefit of tough security measures, puts your business at risk. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in the commercial security field with 40 years of design, installation, repair and replacement products second to none. We represent American manufacturers inventing, designing and supplying cutting edge technology for the ongoing battle against security breaches and asset protection. We help companies small and large, government facilities, enterprise businesses, retail space, warehouse and industrial structures protect their most precious assets: people, goods and services.

What are the Security Features in a Foundational Security System?

Commercial Burglar Alarm Systems– It all starts with a commercial grade security system designed for a specific application, building, structure etc. This is always accomplished by a reputable security provider with high ratings, proper licensing and available resources to complete the project. Many residential security companies sell what in the industry is called “minimal grade” products, readily available in Big Box stores like Lowes and Home Depot. These companies are interested in the monthly monitoring fees which they in most cases ‘farm out” to monitoring service centers. Commercial Grade security products have a functionality and performance threshold much greater than off-the-shelf security systems in a box. Additionally, most of these systems are stand alone and are not easily expanded to accommodate other products. ESI only installs the highest commercial grade security products available. Expandable functionality as a business’s needs grow, so does the security system designed to protect those needs.

Commercial Grade Fire Alarm Protection– Fire alarm protection is the first line of security defense that most business employ to protect their physical structure during and after-hours operation. Fire alarms can be as simple as smoke detection and monitoring, to an advanced fire warning system designed to maintain the highest level of smoke and fire alert.

Fire Alarm Repair-Many businesses require fire alarm inspections to reveal weaknesses or potential problems that many older fire alarm systems develop. ESI is a commercial fire alarm expert in detecting fire alarm vulnerabilities and provides expert repair and replacement products by highly trained technicians.

Fire Sprinkler Protection– Sprinkler systems have a wide use in a variety of applications including restaurants, high rises, condo’s, multi-floor structures, schools, churches, government facilities, warehouse and industrial complexes where fire control is warranted. Because water is used in a highly pressurized closed system, many elements can corrode and become susceptible to issues. Early detection is the key to preventing a sprinkler system delivery error or performance issue. ESI has installed 1000’s of commercial sprinkler, fire suppression systems in all types of applications. They specialize in repair and replacement fire alarm sprinkler systems.

Access Control and Keyless Entry Systems– Keyless entry systems are fast becoming the norm for replacing traditional locks and bolt applications, securing doors and internal areas. Access control means having the opportunity to have complete control of access on personal entering and leaving secured areas. These systems are an affordable alternative to unlocked, un-secured doors, giving permission to authorized personal and protecting valuable assets. Additional functions include a recorded architecture of authorized usage and the ability to change, modify or de-activate permissions.

Video Surveillance and CCTV Protection-One of the most underutilized and overlooked security measures is the use of video surveillance or CCTV (closed circuit television). Installing only commercial grade video equipment is fundamental in providing protection and verification. ESI is a commercial leader in installing CCTV systems, monitoring and maintaining video surveillance equipment.

VideoFied-Motion Detecting Devices– False alarms are a common occurrence in the security field accounting for over 90% of all triggered alarms. Police and municipalities are becoming more and more sensitive to non-verifiable alarm alerts and having a real-time video feed allows law enforcement to respond to an actual alarm-in-progress. That is where the newly developed product call Videofied comes in to provide real-time video footage of a verifiable alarm in-progress. Videofied is a motion detector equipped with a video feed when triggered allowing monitoring to authenticate that a real alarm is in progress. ESI is the first commercial security company to install this revolutionary security product in the Central, North Central and North Florida areas.

Electronic Gate Operating Systems- Electronic gates have been around for a long time but improvements have been made on their versatility and expanded life features. Need to secure a parking lot for authorized personal. Need to limit access to areas of a facility remotely controlled. ESI repairs and installs commercial grade gate operating devices for any commercial or residential application.

Gate Operating Repairs– Many electronic gates need regular service and repair to run efficiently because of their constant usage and exposure to the elements. ESI specializes in repairs to any gate manufacturer and has a complete line of stocked parts to get your gate devices up and running in a timely fashion.

Cellular Communication Troubleshooting– Many security systems today are controlled by a cellular link replacing traditional hard-wired telephone lines. Cellular linkage and apps are the most up-to-date communication devices available for business owners to control their security systems. Many times, cellular communication is interrupted or inoperative due to issues outside one’s control putting security at risk. ESI specializes in identifying cellular limitations and communication break-downs and can remedy your cellular communication problems. Often times cellular boosting is all a system needs to run efficiently. Let one of their cellular expert’s trouble shoot your system.

Cellular Communication Boasting-SureCall SureCall, is a new product that has recently come on line to detect, boost and correct weakened cellular signals. ESI is a proud supplier of this revolutionary product in the world of cellular technology.

Silent Alarm Systems- Panic Alarms -Almost all retail businesses who perform services on a cash basis are in need of a silent alarm security system. Silent alarms and panic alarms provide a sense of security to employees and equip law enforcement with the necessary time to respond to a robbery or intrusion in progress. Silent alarms are also viewed as verifiable alarms in progress so emergency response is guaranteed.

Security Design Services– ESI is an experienced security provider with experts trained to design a cost effective, affordable security shield for your home or office. Our technicians listen to our customers concerns and security requirements, and design state-of-the-art security systems, second to none.

Security Upgrades– Many companies are in need of system upgrades to keep up with modern technology and provide end-users with a more responsive security product. ESI can expand your existing security system in many cases and can advise clients on the most effective security products available to fit their individual needs.

Security Analysis– ESI has invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours per technician to certify that each technician is highly trained in the most up to date security products available. From complicated cellular technology issues to providing the most sophisticated electronic security measures available, our techs are the best in the business.

Monitoring– When it comes to monitoring clients we never sleep, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Crime never stops and we never do either. We have a state-of-the-art local monitoring facility second to none. Trained monitoring technicians ready at your beckoned call to answer any questions you may have or relay a problem or that an alarm has been activated. We have the fastest response time in the industry and are ready for any challenge that faces us on a daily basis.

Why Choose ESI?

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a high-end residential and commercial security company specializing in every aspect of providing your family, customers, employees and suppliers the highest-grade security products available. Give us a call at 904-388-3975 or visit us on the web at for a complete list of our product and service offerings. ESI has been serving the North Florida and South Georgia area since 1979.