Twenty-First Century Technology In Your Hand

Jacksonville Security Systems

Security alarm technology has been advancing greatly over the last few decades. Combining this with cellular phones, that are more powerful and useful than a desktop computer, automobiles that drive and park themselves, and advanced cloud systems technology storing every bit of data imaginable, our lives are being made simpler and more advanced at the same time. It may be the right time to consider installing a new home or business security system, as up-to-date as the technology has become available. Advanced systems are more user friendly and useful, protecting the things that matter the most, family, dwellings, businesses and employees.

As all this security technology comes online, there are still some security companies out there offering discounts on out-of-date security systems. New time buyers need to be careful that these discounted offerings don’t include traditional land line telephone communications security systems with hard wired sensors that are easy to disable and are based on outdated technology. Even some old, outdated CCTV and video surveillance systems are still being installed and provide only a fraction of the quality and resolution available from today’s modern technology. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a leader in residential and commercial security systems. We have been providing state-of-the-art security systems for almost 40 years. Our motto has always been, “out with the old, in with the new” and our customers have benefited from the advancements made and the technology installed.

ESI’s Advice: Review the credentials of any reputable security alarm company before you invest and make sure the technology of yesterday is not being installed today.

What Does New Security Technology Look Like

At ESI we believe only in advanced residential and commercial security systems that have kept pace with new technologies as they come on line. ESI’s security systems combine the newest wireless monitoring devices, using two-way communication, with video verification, and motion and break detection, using the latest software. It’s as easy as using a smartphone to access and control all of the security application securing your home, office or business in the most advanced and cost effective way available. But ESI doesn’t stop there. ESI believes your advanced security system should offer you the most useful and easy to use features that combine security and automation, creating cost effective protection. Security is a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year business because criminal activities never cease. Emergency protection when you need it the most and an event response time to break-ins, fires and triggered alarms, second to none. In today’s technology, which is only a response to the sophistication of criminal activities, tamper proof cellular communications are the only way to provide sound protection. Real time alerts are available through our new Videofied Security Systems: motion detector/video surveillance systems. Verified alarms are a unique event that law enforcement will respond to immediately. Police want to be able to catch the criminals in the act, not simply record and document that a crime has taken place. This device does exactly that and ESI is a leader in providing this new technology.

Energy Management and Seamless Integration

ESI offers security systems that integrate with energy management technology so that a wireless user can remotely adjust temperatures in offices or homes. Again, wireless smart phone options not available a dozen years ago, allows you to set alarms and control temperatures at any time of the day or night, remotely. Seamless integration allows doors to be locked and unlocked at the touch of a button. Additionally, the wireless user can turn on and off lights, appliances, monitor entry and exiting, manage water and energy usage and much, much, more. All from ESI’s sophisticated mobile apps combined with their security systems.

Best of all, everything is available in one security protection package that updates and configures automatically, making things easier for you while saving you time and money.

ESI’s Advice for Security

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