Video Surveillance and Verifiable Alerts

To most businessman or women, a prudent and sound security objective is really a two-fold process. First, implementing a reliable plan that protects customers, vendors, assets, employees and also provides security limits within a structure or property. A plan that utilizing a state-of-the-art, commercial grade security framework that is both user friendly and adaptable. Second, and to some the most important feature is accomplishing those security goals at the right price, and with the right security partner. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a proven, reliable security provider with almost 40 years of continuous service to the North Central and North Florida marketplaces. ESI has been the leader in providing cost-effective security products that not only detect and alert, but prevent and deter. Well-designed security shields are a function of having the right knowledge, and knowhow to identify security concerns by designing a proper shield. Unfortunately, most security systems are only capable of initiating an alert when a problem or security breach has been detected. A fire starts, sprinkler systems engage and an alert is sounded, relaying the alert to a monitoring station. An after-hours security shield is breached and an alarm is triggered and monitoring notified. Police or fire personnel are dispatched to an un-verified, and many times, false alarm. But how many of these alarms that are engaged are actually false alarms sending false instructions for police, fire or first-responders to dispatch. About 95% of all security alarms triggered are actually false alarms. The problem has become so pervasive and costly that many city governments and municipalities have adopted rules and regulation regarding false alarms with heavy fines for repeat offenders. In many cases, unless the alarm is verifiable and in progress, first-responders are not even dispatched. Security cameras and CCTV systems can record the event as it unfolds but unless the cameras are actually monitored there is no way to verify the alert.

Modern Technology Steps In

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to verify that a triggered alarm is real and that this verifi-ability has taken place without the cost of 24-hour manned monitoring? Security cameras and CCTV’s systems are only good preventing a crime from taking place, if the actually crime can be detected as it unfolds. Most of these systems are engaged to record the actions of others and capture a permanent record of the event. That in itself is a limited functionality of these security systems. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc is a Jacksonville security company at the forefront of providing solutions to these and many other security problems and concerns. There is a new technology fresh on the market that does not require full time video viewing and cannot only detect a crime in progress but also verify that it actually is a crime that is taking place. Videofied is a security product, so unique that it removes the on board man monitoring until an actual triggered alarm has been initiated. Videofied is a real-time video recorder housed inside a motion detector that, when triggered, captures the video footage of the actual events taking place. The motion detector is triggered and the real-time video recorder captures the footage. Did a cat or other animal actually set off the motion detector, or was it an intruder or even a friendly: an employee who forgot to turn the alarm off? Are you trying to protect a cell site, unmanned electronic unit or power station, vacant or abandoned property, remote location, industrial site, after-hours loading docks or point of entry, parking garages or outside parking lots, construction sites or some other property where security is important?  Videofied can handle all of these situation, because it is a mobile, cellular device that transfers a record of the actual events as they unfold. Videofied can also be moved over and over again to protect the assets from one project to another. No longer do first responders have to make a judgement call as to whether the alarm is real or false. Videofied alarms are considered, verifiable alarms and police and or fire are immediately dispatched. Police are overwhelmed at responding to emergency events and this has put great financial burdens on governments and municipalities all over this country. Security companies who sound the alarm now have a verifiable way to ensure police are not responding to a false alarm. ESI is at the forefront in recommending Videofied products to any situation where verifying the alarm might mean the difference between protecting valuable assets or loosing them all together.  Call ESI for a free security consultation and see if this amazing technology should be incorporated into your security shield. ESI is a commercial security company with almost 40 years of security protection experience for home and office. Call 904-388-3975. Visit us on the web @ for a complete list of our products and services.